Basic info about Testosterone gel

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Testosterone gel has all the androgenic effects patches eliminates local reactions.

Androgel – popular drug in gel form containing 1% of active substance – testosterone. It intended for application directly to the skin as a substitution therapy. The drug is given at a reduced level of natural testosterone in the body. Androgel helps increase levels of this hormone, penetrating into the bloodstream through the skin.

An analogue of AndroGel – tests, has no pharmacological differences. The drug has the same beneficial effect on the protein anabolism, growth and development of muscle mass, a uniform distribution of subcutaneous fat. These drugs reduce the urinary excretion of sodium, chloride, nitrogen, potassium phosphate and water.

Bodybuilders prefer Androgel, test due to lack of need for the injection and a slow, smooth flow of testosterone in the body.

The optimal dose of 5 g (containing 50 g of testosterone), 1 time per day. The dosage may vary depending on the age, body weight, length of training.

The extent of absorption of testosterone through the skin varies between about 9% -15% of the applied dose. Increasing the dose of AndroGel in direct proportion to the level of testosterone in the blood. The maximum daily dose – ’10 Read more

Androgel, the test is applied to dry, clean skin without damage and scratches. The drug should not be rubbed. After applying testosterone gel uniformly enters the bloodstream at the same concentrations within days, its concentration is increased by about 3 ng ml. The concentration of testosterone in the blood decreased one day after application of the final dose.


Androgel has all the side effects of testosterone

  • raises blood pressure;
  • suppresses testosterone production;
  • causes baldness;
  • does not exclude the occurrence of hypertrophy of the prostate;
  • cause fluid retention, gynecomastia;
  • raises cholesterol.

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