Androgel: Description and instruction

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Androgel – is based on the external preparation of testosterone – the male sex hormone. It is intended to replace the lack of substance in the body. Application of the gel avoids traumatic injection. Absorbed through the skin, testosterone into the bloodstream and its concentration is maintained at a stable level. It is, also, advantage, compared to injections of the hormone, which leads to peak concentrations of testosterone in the blood.

Androgel is used when:

  • Substituted inadequate endogenous (own) testosterone.

Producing Androgel-dose sachets. The gel should be applied to dry, clean skin of the forearm or abdomen. Instructions drug recommends this procedure at the same time in the morning. After applying, wait a few minutes until the gel is absorbed. Intensely rub the drug is needed. It is impossible to apply the gel in the genital area or chest, because it contains alcohol, which is capable of inducing skin irritation. AndroGel dose increased gradually, starting with a dose of two and a half grams of gel. Acceptable daily intake – ten grams of gel. After several days the concentration of testosterone in the blood becomes constant. If it turns out to be higher than normal, then reduce the dosage of AndroGel.

Before you start to use AndroGel, make sure (on the basis of laboratory diagnostics) that the patient indeed there is a lack of their own sex hormone. In addition, the need to eliminate cancer and predisposing conditions, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia. AndroGel treatment should be accompanied by regular inspections and studies of hormonal status. More information

Required! Be careful using Androgel:

  • Before contact with other people (touch those parts of the body where the gel was applied) should wash them with soap and water;
  • It is especially important to avoid contact with women and children;
  • Pregnant women should avoid any contact with the skin of the patient treated with the drug. For any contact, the pregnant woman should immediately wash the area with soap and water contact;
  • Lots of skin, which must be applied Androgel covered by clothing.

If the patient is unable to comply with these precautions are not able to track and inform your doctor about the symptoms of elevated levels of testosterone – acne, excessive hair growth – Androgel not assigned.

Androgel is contraindicated in case of:

  • Oncological diseases of the prostate;
  • Intolerance of testosterone;

Women and children.

– Be wary of –

  • Any oncology;
  • Cardiovascular disease – heart disease, high blood pressure;
  • Nervous system diseases – migraines, epilepsy.

Side effects of AndroGel

In most cases there are skin reactions at the site of medication – acne irritation. Also available are – diarrhea, hair loss, hypertrophy of the prostate, breast, hypertension, dizziness, amnesia, mobility mood. High dosages of AndroGel can cause the symptoms of hormonal imbalance system – weight gain, irritability, increased erection – its frequency and duration.

Comments about AndroGel

The first reviews AndroGel can be found in the discussion of such pathology as hypospadias – that is, the wrong anatomy of the urethra and (sometimes) of the penis. Before you carry out the surgical treatment of this disease, the parents of the penis treated with this drug to cause increased growth of tissue, which will be formed from the missing portions of the urethra.

Furthermore, Androgel used for men with low testosterone levels and concomitant disadvantages sperm state when planning conception. The course usually lasts for a month. Some patients report that their “break” from AndroGel. What do they mean – is not clear. There are stories of pain in the perineum, in the area of ​​the prostate (this man had chronic prostatitis).

When gynecomastia (breast enlargement in men) are sometimes prescribed Androgel. But the real improvement in the condition of patients was observed. As one doctor:

– If true gynecomastia, if the gland has grown, it is very unlikely to decrease – meaning, without surgery.

The very preparation guide Androgel to convince patients that it is quite “serious” means. If someone decides to use it is not prescribed by a doctor, and in order to build muscle mass or increase the length of the penis – it will only undermine health. It should be noted that the adult male penis under the influence of AndroGel is not increased, and the anabolic effect of the drug is very low.

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